Thursday, February 28, 2008

so im sitting here with the flu. gross.

but a blessing in disguise it seems. it will give me time to rest before i start my new job . i dont know what the next year holds. it seems it always holds more than i can even imagine.

i have been reading Stepping Heavenward, which has been so wonderful. seeing a glimpse of the struggles a girl went through more than 150 years ago. they are really the same struggles women have always gone through. the challenging thing really is that the puritans had such a strong and deep view of sin against a holy God that modern say Christianity just blows past it seems. their lives were so much slower and they read so much. mostly the Bible but other wise writers and poets. that was really challenging also...because i feel like our lives are way too busy with silly things that we miss out on really learning from others in the present and the past.

we'll see how this job goes. needless to say im excited!