Wednesday, June 22, 2011

walking, talking and summertime

Summer is full of time in the water- it's much too hot in Birmingham to be outside without it!

Mommy and Iris in her floatie

Iris and her friend Story playing in the baby pool

Iris at the shoe store, getting fitted for her first big girl shoes!

So Iris officially walking now. Well....almost running for that matter! She took her first steps about 3 weeks ago and hasn't looked back since.
Iris and her best buddy Patton
playing chase with Patton and his tire, her new favorite game

She has always been our little talker, from the oooOO's and Ahhh's of infancy to the dada's and mama's and now she has a small vocabulary which she likes to insert between her CONSTANT jabbering. She can say Momma or Mommy, Dada and Dee, Hi, Hey, ball, bear, tree, none( for nose), eyes, and no no no(which she is mostly saying to Patton while shaking her finger at him ;)
This is a picture from Fathers Day with Iris and "Dee" at the Splash Pad, soaking wet!

Grandma Laurie came up for a surprise visit and we just loved getting to go to the pool with her.

Iris loves her grandma and her Pap.
She also loved getting to see her Poppa when he came up for her birthday party!

This has been quite the amazing year for the Gibson clan. God has showed his faithfulness to us again and again. When we stray , when we are lackadaisical about His word, when we struggle with that same sin that "easily entangles us".....He is there. He is always still there. Waiting on us. Loving us. Wanting us to be sanctified- to be made like Him. Michael and I have recently been going through a trying time as a family with quite a few big decisions having to be made and also a difficult time for Michael with his company. I will spare the minute details (they are all in Gods hands)...but I will share that He is never been more real to us than now. Our marriage has never been stronger and more centered around Him than it is now. PRAISE HIM. I saw this quote on a blog that I read today, and it spoke volumes to me, because it is so what we are experiencing now in our life.

“In affliction, God makes himself known to his people. In the Word we hear of God, but in affliction we see him. Prosperity is the nurse of atheism….In prosperity we pray and hardly take notice of the answers. But in affliction we can press God for the return of our prayers. God is never worse than his word. Affliction is a furnace to try the faith of God’s people and to see God’s faithfulness in his promises.”

–Thomas Case

Hope to blog soon about our upcoming trips to the beach! I think Iris will love it- (I know I will ;)

Until next time~